Environment friendly energy solutions


A coordinated energy extraction system,
From sea waves, tidal, solar and wind all floating

Changing the future

Float NRG,

Coordinated Floating Energy Extraction System

Floating Wind Turbines and Islands


Attached file describes “floating marine energy extraction system” (FloatNRG).  The system is a revised version of the “coordinated floating energy extraction equipment” (COFEQ); from sea waves, ebb/tidal currents, solar and wind.

The basic unit is a submerged “tension leg platform” (TLP) that provides a floating support structure far away from the shoreline.   The structure and equipment are assembled at the shoreline, floated and towed to location for anchoring to the seabed, ready of operation.


FloatNRG provides support for:

Floating marine laboratory
Floating wind turbine support up to 6 MW.
Floating conventional power plants and substations
Floating bridges
Floating islands for waste management temporary storage and waste treatment plants including recycling plants.
Floating residential islands.
Floating wharfs for ocean liners.


Installed in international waters away from the shore line, where high waves and high wind speeds are available, consequently high energy.
Modular construction, completely assembled at the shoreline with no cutting or welding
Efficient floating wind turbine support, without the need for heavy marine lifting equipment.
Coordinated renewable marine energy extraction.
Provides vehicular causeway connecting the different wind turbines for ease of maintenance and as support for the interconnecting electric power cables.
Provides floating converter station for stepping up generated marine electric power.
Multiple utilization of the (TLP).


Installed away from the shore line at more than 20 kilometers.
Provides electric energy at a cost of less than 5 US cents per KW-hour, depending on scope, sea and wind states and project location.
The FloatNRG system provides a net uplift of 5.32 tons per square meter.
Floating island for waste management, minimum area of 64,000 square meters   
Provides space for compressed air energy storage of (5,400) cubic meters at each floating wind turbine structure, in addition to the compressed air energy storage volume at the (FCU) fixed floats.
Provides space for installing 1 MW or more energy storage battery units.

Energy extracted at each floating wind turbine support: 4,188,840 KWh per year.

Wind farm with 5x6 MW with wind turbines spaced at 200 m would provide a total of 54.8 KW and 167,865,880 KWh/year.

A good and practical way for proving the viability of the system is for the Client/Consultants to request Bidders to submit an Alternate Bid using the (FloatNRG) systems.


The following proposal would meet the present and provide future requirements of Lebanon, namely

54 MW floating wind farm for production of electric energy at low cost, less than 5 US cents per KW-hour.
Floating Island for waste management with a minimum of 64,000 square meters.
Floating wharf for decking and facilities for ocean liners that are necessary for the tourist industry.
Dry Dock for facilities necessary for oil, gas and renewable energy operations.


Review of the project would high light its advantages, viability and high rate of return on investment (ROI) to entice private investors. 
Oil/Gas Developers should be made aware of this project proposal.  Their Bid Documents and requested to finance and/or execute the project, as it is a necessity for their operations.  It would provide electric energy for their orphan platforms, provide support for their pipelines with a causeway for ease of operation and maintenance of their facilities.

Shamil Ayntrazi, PE