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All equipment are manufactured and provided specifically for use with the Coordinated Offshore Energy Extraction system (Wind, Wave and Ebb/Tide) and the Floating Wind Turbine Foundations and Floating Bridges. They are available on the market with proven quality and performance and outsourced from reputable manufacturers.

Electrical Equipment, Protective Gear and Monitoring/Control systems are provided by one Supplier.

“Construction Unit”

The “Construction Unit” is of modular construction, shop-fabricated, assembled at the shoreline with all equipment ready for use, floated and towed to offshore location.

Wave Water Pump-WWP

The WWP is centrifugal or screw type rated according to the sea state.  It ppups a small quantity of water to a high head, feed it to a hydraulic closed circuit feeding a hydro-turbine with a VSG generator.

Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system

The SWAC system is used to pump deep sea cold water for use as a medium for air conditioning or to cool water of fish farms to 13 degrees centigrade suitable for salmon fish farms.

VSG-“Isosync” Generator

The VSG “Isosync” Generator manufactured by VSG-USA runs at a wide range of speed; will not discard its load, will continue to generate power at the same frequency and voltage as the utility line it is in parallel with. The “Isosync” VSG generator does this WITHOUT the use of complicated speed controls, power electronics or inverters. The “Isosync” VSG will harness power sources more efficiently than that otherwise could not be generated with standard AC generators.

Offshore Wind Turbine

  1. The Wind Turbine can be sized between 0.75 and 7 NW depending on the project requirements.
  2. The foundation is of the floating type thus reducing construction, operation and maintenance costs.
  3. The Wind Turbine axis may be of Vertical or Horizontal construction.

Ebb/Tide and Wave Lee Side Turbines

These turbines are outsourced form reputable manufacturers with shrouds and gears attached thereto.




Shamil Ayntrazi, PE

Bsc. Elect'l-AUB, MBA-NY,

Registered Prof. Engineer, Lb. & N.Y

Tel: 00961.70963377

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